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May 09, 2013


Hope Wolf (Butte RN Class #13)

Does John have an address we can send care packages to?


John was one of the best and caring instructors I have ever had. I have family in the military as well and share in the pride of service with you. While I have never personally experienced deployment, I have seen loved ones go through it and there are no words that will make it better. Only a safe return, and swiftly. God bless you and your family. Will be praying for you and John.


Amy- Eve of Mother's Day and suddenly you come into my thoughts, can't explain why right now? Maybe because we're at Almanor where you love, maybe because I've been thinking of you all week, maybe because I couldn't let my mind go where your's was last Wed. Whatever the reason, I'm praying for you, John, the kids now. Please know dear friend that although we run into each other infrequently, you're often close by in my mind.
God's love is surrounding you all, I'm sure of that and if you need human arms I'm here. . . .


thats a whole lot of pain and love... you will handle both, with grace. keep breathing. one day, one moment at a time, right?

Betsy Mott

You, John, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Butte College family is here to help...just call if you need us! John is a treasured member of our faculty - we look forward to seeing him in fall semester. Very best to you, Amy. Hang in there!

Betsy Mott

Trish Pack

John was my instructor and a true inspiration to a scared LVN that went back to school at 49years old. My prays are with him and his family. Trish

Lori Gini

Amy, you don't know me, my name is Lori and I am a nurse in XRay @ Enloe. This is the first I heard about John being deployed.Please know that John and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. We love working with John. He is an excellent nurse and an even finer human being. I will share this information with my co-workers next week. I know they will want to know this. Virtual hug coming your way for you and your children.

Brenda Johansson

I don't believe there is a student or instructor in our program that does not feel lucky beyond all belief to have John as a member of our faculty. To a person, we've tried to think of ways that might make it easier for your family to endure this separation, because we know that you are his greatest concern.

We thank you for your sacrifice (how can that ever be enough?) and wish that we could reduce the burden of your concerns by sharing it somehow with you.

Hugs to your family...


Amy... You and John are so very BRAVE! Thank you both for serving and sharing! Lots of prayers and love coming your way, friend!

Mona dhami

I will pray for him. He is nice person and great instructor during my nursing journey.

Ann Dickman

Praying and crying w you.


Your husband has highlighted to his students every day the BEAUTY that is your family. Thank you for allowing him to give so much of his time and energy to his students. We all can't wait until he is safely home!


I love you and all my Beadle's!

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