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December 15, 2012



Jenna, I had to see the list. To be able to speak their names. Through my tears. Halle doesn't know why I'm crying while I pray over her. How can I speak of it to her? So I will carry the list of their names. In my pocket, in my heart and on my lips. I will place it in the offering plate at church tomorrow as I choke back sobs for their families.


I've been wanting to see that list, but couldn't bring myself to search for it. Somehow it makes it more real. But I wanted to know names.....to pray for their families, the names of their children they are crying out for. My heart just aches. I am so so sad. I held Toby before I put him in his crib and I just sobbed. Not in front my older kids because they ask too many questions when mommy cries. But Toby just let me. So I sobbed and told him I loved him over and over again. and he told me the same. It's just so awful. I can't even imagine.

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